Publications Charter


Version française

Article I: Definitions

The present ELSA France’s Charter of publications aims to regulate and frame the legal writings published by ELSA France.

It applies to everyone willing to be published by ELSA France.

Can be Author:

  • Members of the ELSA Network
  • Members of the ELSA Alumni Network
  • Law professors and legal professionals
  • Anyone accepted by the Publications Team

Writings are:

  • Articles are three pages maximum texts related to a specific legal topic chosen by the Author;
  • Collaborative Research Projects are around ten pages texts based on a topic proposed by the Publications Team.

The Publications Team is composed of:

  • The Vice-President for Academic Activities of ELSA France, president of the Publications Team ex officio;
  • National Director(s) is charge of publications of ELSA France;
  • The Head Assistant in charge of publications of ELSA France, in charge of coordinating and guaranteeing the work of the Proofreading Teaml;
  • The Head Assistant in charge of technical edition of publications of ELSA France;
  • Any person nominated by the Vice-President for Academic Activities of ELSA France.


Article II: Content

Publications shall be related to legal topic or be tackled through the scope of law.

They must comply with the values of ELSA and respect the neutrality and non-political statuts of ELSA.

Every piece of work shall comply with intellectual property laws, especially regarding plagiarism.

Every piece of work can be supported by a professor or a legal professional that can be cited on Author’s request.

In case of any doubt, the Author can contact the Publications Team via the contact form.  
Article III: Form

Publications can be written either in French or in English.

Publications must be presented as follow: Title, Abstract of 200 words maximum, Body, Signature, References.

The Author can submit any link or picture(s) free of right relevant to the article.

The Author should pay particular attention to the clarity, concision and grammar of the writing. Any reference shall comply with the OSCOLA standards.

Jurisprudence and laws shall be cited according to the relevant quoting system.

Author can submit a link to an online profile (LinkedIn, Viadeo) that can be incorporated to the Author’s signature.
Article IV: Publication process

Any Author willing to be published by ELSA France can, at any time, submit his or her work via the submitting form. The file must be titled as follow: “Title of the Article – Author’s name – ELSA Group”.

The Publications Team will then have a reasonable period to proceed to collegial proofreadings. Proofreading will be collaborative, giving priority to dialogue and openness among the Proofreading team and with the Author.

The Publications Team will give regular updates to the Author regarding the proceeding.

By submitting a piece of work, the Author fully accept the Publications Charter in all its articles. In case of the breach of any article, the Publications Team can reject the Article or remove it from the website.
Article V: Quotes and intellectual property

Articles, videos, images, recordings and every piece of work or of art present or represented remain the property of their authors. ELSA France is granted reproduction rights and performing rights within the frame of ELSA France Press projects, notably but not exhaustively for the publication of the piece of work on ELSA France’s websites, in printed form, on social media, or via any other form of unpredictable or unplanned medium at the present date.

The licence is granted world-wide over the whole period of legal protection.  

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